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... a UC resource for managing Sahara Mustard, Brassica tournefortii
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The Sahara Mustard Consortium supports the scientific research and implementation of removal procedures, including biological control, aimed at reducing Sahara mustard in southwestern North America.

The Sahara Mustard Consortium formed in 2010 and includes representatives and researchers from a variety of local, state, federal and international organizations. Anyone interested in reducing Sahara mustard may join.

The Sahara mustard Consortium is brought to you by Chris McDonald, Natural Resource Advisor with the University of California, Cooperative Extension.

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Do our colors look familiar? They were taken from actual Sahara mustard plants

What is Sahara mustard?Sahara mustard is an exotic and invasive plant that is spreading throughout the deserts of southwestern North America.

It has begun to dominate many areas of the desert that were formerly dominated by wildflowers.

Land managers across several US states have begun to remove this weed from their property. Read more HERE